Dan McCool - 2D Character Animation Reel - 2016


Dan McCool - Motion Graphics Reel - 2016

NEW! "Goodnight" - Lullaby Animation - 2017

All character animation by Dan McCool. Directed and Designed by Maciek Albrect (Magik World Animation).

Airborne: Dual Action - Television spot - 2015

Produced by David Michaels at Smoke & Mirrors. Character Animation by Dan McCool, Will Pittas, and Tom Smo


Animated Story for Dating Documentary, "Swiped" by ABC News / Hulu. 2015

Animated Sequences by Dan McCool. Produced by Andy Genovese and Monica Delarosa at ABC News.

Philips™ Home Respironics Spot, 2014

Produced by Anne Coburn and Narratively for Phillips. Illustrations by Pat Barrett. Character Animation and Compositing by Dan McCool

Lamp Party (Loop), Submission to LoopdeLoop.org. 2014.

Whiteboard Style Videos

  1. Smoke Alarm PSA for Montgomery County Fire Department, 2015. Produced by Ryan Geiger at IdeaMachine. Character Animation by Dan McCool. Additional Character Animation by Daniella Krihelly. Compositing by Sam Muse.
  2. Diabetes Research Connection, 2015. Produced by Rich Chappelle at IdeaMachine. Drawn and Animated by Dan McCool
  3. Nantucket Learning Group, 2015. Produced by Brian Jones at IdeaMachine. Drawn and Designed by Dan McCool. Animated by Daniella Krihelly
  4. Hospital Safety Score PSA, 2014. Produced by Christina Zaracadoolas at How To Health Literacy for Leap Frog. Drawn and Animated by Dan McCool

Marketing Animation Samples

  1. PWC Business OS Marketing Video, 2014. Design and Animation: Dan McCool. Produced by: Paul Shapiro, Sales Graphics
  2. Meredith Microsoft Partnership Marketing Video, 2015. Design and Animation: Dan McCool. Produced by: Kara OConnel, Sales Graphics
  3. "Mass Media Reactive" Marketing Video, 2013. Design and Animation: Dan McCool. Produced by: Paul Shapiro, Sales Graphics
  4. A&E Network Upfront Slides - Internal Marketing, 2011-2012. Compositing and Animation: Dan McCool. Produced by: Paul Shapiro Sales Graphics

(NSFW)  Drawn Out Storytelling. "Pushing the Envelope" with Kevin Allison (RISK! podcast, The State)

2012. Story by: Kevin Allison. Drawings and Animation: Dan McCool. Produced by Nisse Greenberg and Drawn Out Storytelling